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Youth MIC

Youth MIC is a risk prevention program designed specifically for teens. We bring together young minds and unlock their full potential through creative expression and a mindful approach. With the rise in gun violence, teen suicide and youth crime, Youth MIC provides a proactive solution. We partner with local artists in various mediums around the city to share their stories and their art forms with our teens. Through games and conversations, we work to build relationships and help our teens develop leadership and goal setting skills. We also complete social emotional skill assessments and use parent and teen surveys to monitor both student growth and program effectiveness. Mentorship and mindfulness are our desired goals, but first, we start with art! By combining creativity and growth mindset, we boost mental health and open doors to exciting career paths that help transform teens into prepared and positive leaders.

Upcoming events at multiple Columbus Metropolitan Libraries on Saturdays from 6/24-8/12 from 2-4PM:
- 6/24 Franklinton Library
- 6/31 Main Library
- 7/8 Southeast Library
- 7/15 Northside Library
- 7/22 Hilltop Library
- 7/29 Northern Lights Library
- 8/5 MLK Library
- 8/12 Shepard Library

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