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Westside Warming Centers 2022-2023

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Westside Warming Centers 2022-2023

Updated 2/20/23

Anyone in need of shelter can call the Homeless Hotline at 614-274-7000. All warming stations can contact Mount Carmel Outreach Program at any time for a follow-up on shelter access, anyone in crisis, or if they need to contact the Street to Housing Outreach Collaborative (SHOC) on any outreach issues: 614-512-2483.

Westside Warming Stations from November 1st, 2022-March 15th, 2023

-Jordan's Crossing (342 N. Hague Ave, 43204): Monday-Friday from 9AM-4PM, Saturday from 9AM-Noon. Call 614-228-1342 for details.

-Franklinton Library (1061 W. Town St, 43222): Monday-Thursday from 9AM-8PM, Friday-Saturday from 9AM-6PM, and Sunday from 1-5PM

-Hilltop Library (511 S. Hague Ave): Monday-Thursday from 9AM-9PM, Friday-Saturday from 9AM-6PM, and Sunday from 1-5PM

-Dodge Rec Center (667 Sullivant Ave, 43215): Monday-Friday from 9AM-9PM, Saturday from 9AM-6PM

- Westgate Rec Center (455 S. Westgate Ave, 43204): Tuesday-Friday from Noon-9PM, Saturday from 9AM-6PM

- Holton Rec Center (303 N. Eureka Ave, 43204): Tuesday Noon-9PM, Wednesday 3-9PM, Thursday-Friday Noon-9PM, Saturday 9AM-6PM

- Glenwood Rec Center (1888 Fairmont Ave, 43223): Tuesday 10AM-9PM, Wednesday Noon-9PM, Thursday-Friday 10AM-9PM, Saturday 9AM-6PM

- Sullivant Garden Rec Center (755 Renick St, 43223): Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Noon-9PM; Wednesday 3-9PM; Saturday 9AM-6PM

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