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The Center for Family Safety and Healing

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The Center for Family Safety and Healing

Adult Services: We offer counseling and related supportive and advocacy services for adult victims of domestic violence. Victims of domestic violence may experience many emotions, such as depression, anxiety, shame, hopelessness and fear. Counselors can assist these individuals develop strategies to manage their thoughts and feelings and develop a plan for a safer, happier and more hopeful life. (Break) Trained domestic violence and legal advocates assist individuals in navigating the legal system, accessing needed community supports, finding shelter care and assuring ongoing safety planning. Advocacy services may be provided in the home or a community setting and are available on a very flexible schedule. Advocates collaborate with law enforcement and the court system regarding domestic violence related issues. Connect to our Adult Services Program by contacting us at (614) 722-8293.

Child & Family Counseling: The Center for Family Safety and Healing offers a range of office and community-based counseling services to children and their families through Nationwide Children's Behavioral Health Services. Specialty trained therapists provide interventions aimed at reducing or preventing trauma symptoms that occur as a result of physical or sexual abuse, exposure to domestic violence or other family stressors that interfere with a child' safety and healthy development. After a thorough assessment, an individualized treatment plan is developed. (Break) To schedule an intake appointment for your child's first counseling session, contact the Family Support Program's Intake Coordinator directly at (614) 722-8212. If you have additional questions and/or concerns about follow-up counseling, please contact one of the available social workers by calling (614) 722-8210.

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The Center for Family Safety and Healing

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