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Hilltop Arts Collective

Summer Jam West, the organization behind the community arts & music festival of the same name, is now the Hilltop Arts Collective. Summer Jam West will continue to be the name of our annual arts and music festival, held on the second Saturday in July. Hilltop Arts Collective commits to bringing music and permanent public art to the Hilltop. Hilltop Arts Collective is a nonprofit arts organization focused on bringing art to, and promoting the arts within the Hilltop. We do so with the belief that the arts can improve the quality of life for residents, and that everyone is entitled to beauty and art regardless of income or address. We’re a community-based, all-volunteer team comprised of Hilltop residents and those with strong ties to the Hilltop.

Our major programs include Summer Jam West, our annual arts & music festival; For the Common Good, where we commission permanent, public art; and ARtsway, a mural mentorship program with high school students, though that’s far from everything we do!

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Hilltop Arts Collective

455 S. Westgate Ave, Columbus , OH 43204


Mon. - Fri.: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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