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Mount Carmel Outreach

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#Health & Social Services

Mount Carmel Outreach

Mount Carmel Outreach extends our reach into the community and helps provide free health services to underserved and those in need. Services the program provides include physical exams, diagnoses and treatments, health assessments and screenings, health education, referrals and social service assistance. Other unique offerings from our Outreach team include:
- Free nursing visits to moms and new babies through our Welcome Home program
- Free urgent healthcare at sites throughout central Ohio through the Mount Carmel Mobile Medical Coach
- Free healthcare to homeless persons living on the land by our Street Medicine team
- Faith community health promotion and nursing program through Church Partnerships
- Free trauma-focused therapy to victims of crime and those who’ve experienced a traumatic event through our Crime and Trauma Assistance Program
- Free programs to promote health and wellness at the Healthy Living Center
Phone Numbers:
- Welcome Home: 614-546-4227
- Crime and Trauma Assistance Program: 614-234-5900
- Mobile Coach/Street Medicine: 614-546-4200
- Church Partnerships: 614-546-4062
- Urban Health Case Management Hub: 614-546-4300
- Healthy Living Center: 614-234-4660

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Mount Carmel Outreach

777 W. State St, Columbus, OH 43222


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