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#Health & Social Services


For more than 3 years, Make-A-Day has provided outreach services to our community. These outreach efforts have been centered around hosting block party-styled, pop-up events. Each event focuses on connecting our homeless guests with our community and resources available to end homelessness. Each event also provides guests with free clothing, personal care items, a complimentary meal, and of course our famous haircuts, shampoos, and shaves from some of the city's best local cosmetologists. Outside of these pop-up events, Make-A-Day hosts weekly service days where we serve our guests hot meals while we connect them to resources. Numerous partners join us on these days to provide our guests access to medical care, recovery services, food services, benefits etc. To assist our guests with ongoing challenges after events, Make A Day closely partners with health, behavioral health, community and social service agencies. These partnerships allow Make-A-Day's homeless guests to access on-the-spot presumptive Medicaid health insurance coverage, on-sight medical, behavioral health, dental and vision, housing, vocational, and human services. Make-A-Day has also established an ongoing partnership with Franklin County's Office of Justice Policy Programs to offer our guests access to on-sight expungement, warrant removal, peer support services, and other smart justice resources and programs. Our mission: empowering the impoverished through inclusive community events, acts of kindness, outreach, advocacy, and educational awareness. We aim to rekindle that beautiful person-to-person connection with strangers in our community and let love spread like wildfire. Join us with your time, your talents, and your love to Make-A-Day together!

Visit Make-a-Day on Tuesdays at Crossroads World Outreach Ministries (165 S Cypress Ave, Columbus, OH 43222) from 11AM-1PM.

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470 W. Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215


Mon. - Fri. (Office Hours): 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Tues. (Outreach at CWOM): 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM


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