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Halt Violence

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Halt Violence

Halt Violence provides relatable life-skills to prevent teens and adults from going to jail. At Halt Violence our philosophy is to treat and empower risk taking violent youth so that they can become productive successful members of society. We do not think that incarceration and legal punishments are always the best option. Oftentimes they do nothing more than perpetuate the cycle of bad behavior. We truly believe that individuals have the capacity to change, and we want to be involved in that transformation.

Squashing beef is done by a team that understands the situations that lead to violence in the hoods. Street Mentors enter the hoods and holla at the shooters at the corner stores, strips of violence, their trap houses or talk by phone. Upon building relationships or having them, we squash beef by working with those shooters that are shot callers in their hoods. They let us know if a situation can be squashed or not. They let us know if they were involved in a situation and why. Shooters also let us know when they're not involved in a violence situation to kill that rumor to avoid unnecessary beef. When this is done, we are helping the highest of being a shooter in the hoods or the victim of shootings in the hoods. This is done by letting shooters know they got an agency that got their back. Halt Violence gives its WORD that everything we do with shooters, don't go nowhere! Once our word is established, we have a bond, and the process begins to save lives from the horrendous cycle of violence that traumatizes families and entire hoods.

WESTSIDE LOCATION COMING SOON: 2360 W. Broad Street Columbus, Ohio 43204. Grand opening on March 3rd.

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Halt Violence

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