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Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services (ETSS)

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Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services (ETSS)

Our Mission: To be the focal point of integration for immigrants, refugee families, and low income individuals in Central Ohio in order to improve the quality of their lives, to facilitate their integration through education, training, supportive services, and self-development opportunities, and to increase the awareness of their culture and heritage in Central Ohio.

Adult Programs: ETSS Adult Services include a variety of programs aimed to help new arrivals develop the skills they need to become self-sufficient. The transition to life in the US often requires assistance developing English language skills, assistance with job training and placement, community navigators and case management for health, mental health and wellness support as well as advocating through Family Care for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. Programs are culturally sensitive, relevant and located in the neighborhoods where our clients live.

Youth Program: The ETSS Youth Program is our largest and ever-growing set of programs focused on academic skill attainment, cultural enrichment, social emotional learning, wellness and parental engagement for youth ages 5-18 years. ETSS applies trauma-informed care principles within these programs to approach each student with their experiences in mind and ensure that they have a positive interaction with our programs. We have programming available throughout the year at 15 sites around Franklin and Licking County.

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Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services (ETSS)

4300 East Broad Street Suite D, Columbus, OH 43213


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