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Divine Dignity

We exist to touch lives by offering dignity and hope through hygiene and sharing God’s love. As part of this work, we help people earn self-sufficiency, which can transform them from being at risk to thriving in life.

Divine Dignity partners with numerous organizations to gather and distribute a wide range of hygiene products, all aimed at helping and sharing God’s love with our neighbors in need. Services include:

Hygiene Centers: Our centers are located within a secure Columbus community center, stocked with a diverse range of 20 different products. Once a month, individuals in the community center area can visit our hygiene center and fill out a client form to select up to 6 items they need. Our friendly community center staff members will then fill a hygiene bag with the selected items and include a flier about Divine Dignity and our message of sharing God’s love.

Westside location for Hygiene Centers: Dodge Community Center (667 Sullivant Avenue, Columbus, OH 43215).

Hygiene Closets: Our hygiene closets are strategically placed within local service organizations that cater to the needs of their community members. These secure locations house pre-filled hygiene bags that are distributed to individuals in need on a monthly basis. The organization’s manager selects which hygiene items are included in the bags, with some opting for a fixed set of products while others vary the contents each month. Our hygiene bags can be a personal care kit, a cleaning kit, or a combination of both. We work hand-in-hand with the managers to determine which hygiene products are included each month.

Westside location for Hygiene Closets:
Crossroads Global Outreach Ministries (165 S Cypress Avenue, Columbus, OH 43222)
The Hope Resource Center (496 South Wheatland Avenue, Columbus, OH 43204)
Iglesia Pentecostal Refugio de Santidad (22 South Warren Avenue, Columbus, OH 43204)
Jordan’s Crossing Resource Center (342 North Hague Avenue, Columbus, OH 43204)
Lower Lights Christian Health Center (1160 West Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43222)
Sullivant Gardens Community Center (755 Renick St, Columbus, OH 43223).

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Divine Dignity

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