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Avanza Together

Avanza Together is a nonprofit with a mission to assist and empower immigrants with strong ties to Central Ohio who are at risk of deportation. Avanza Together is motivated by the belief that Ohio municipalities should not keep families apart or deny our community members basic assistance. We need to treat everyone with the compassion they deserve as human beings. No matter where we were born, we are all people and are all entitled to the same basic respect.

That’s why Avanza Together provides a dedicated deportation point person, a Community Deportation Defender, to assist families impacted by deportation and ensure that every family facing deportation in Central Ohio has access to and knowledge of community resources available to them and their families. We connect concerned community members, public officials, places of worship, and community service providers in Central Ohio with deportation-vulnerable immigrants with strong community ties, especially those with no criminal record and those with children under the age of 18.

Contact Maria Ramos (Community Deportation Defender) at 614-300-5338 or for ONLY emergency deportation help.

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