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Highland West Civic Association Meeting

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Highland West Civic Association Meeting

Please join us for our next Highland Civic Association Meeting, this Thursday, April 20th 7PM, Glenwood Rec Center (1888 Fairmont Ave). This will be our first, true, in person meeting since before the pandemic! We will be changing our format from a “board meeting” set up as we have used in the past to just a regular organization meeting of our members. This will make our meetings more “community” oriented and provide more opportunities for people to share and to network with one another. 


 This is very exciting for us, so PLEASE plan to join us. Our PRESENTATION for the evening will be given by Ms. Monique Sneed of the Columbus Department of Health who will be presenting their “Highland West Care Project” to us regarding trauma and what we sometimes have to deal with living in an urban community. This is meant to be a community discussion, so please come with your questions and your comments. Columbus Public Health wants to hear from all of us so please come – even if you have already seen the presentation and participated in earlier discussions. 


All are welcome! Let’s get back to building the bonds of community!



Upcoming Meeting Schedule:

  • Thursday, April 20th
  • Thursday, May 18th

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Highland West Civic Association Meeting

1888 Fairmont Ave, Columbus, OH 43223


Thursday, April 20, 2023

7:00 PM


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